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5 of the Most Picturesque National Parks in the UK

Cairngorms National Park, Scotland
Cairngorms National Park
Why go: Untamed natural beauty with breathtaking views of mountains and wonderful scenic trails. The park is teeming with wildlife including the Red Squirrels. Some of the activities to choose from include biking, canoeing, hiking, mountaineering, skiing, and so much more.

Lake District National Park, England
Lake District England
Why go: Known for its breathtaking scenery, Lake District National Park boasts of enchanting lakes and valleys, majestic mountains, and many other spectacular natural attractions. Enjoy the view in one of its many hiking trails and walking routes like the Alfred Wainwright Memorial Walk. Or you can paddle or take a cruise on a traditional steamboat on the lake.

North York Moors National Park, England
North York Moors National Park
Why go: To say that North York Moors National Park looks like a magical place will not be a stretch. The place has a natural beauty that is unique its own. Home to vast and stunning heather moorland, this national park also boasts of picturesque cliffs and coastline, medieval castles, an Iron Age hill-fort, and more.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
Why go: This coastal national park is best known for its gorgeous scenery. Well preserved coastline, towering limestone cliffs, a historic fishing village, and a charming little town are just some of the glorious sights to see.

South Downs National Park, England
South Downs National Park
Why go: Rolling hills, historic estates, picturesque villages, and farmlands are just some of the breathtaking sights to see at South Downs National Park. The park is home to pristine rivers and lakes including the Itchen which is one of the country’s best spots for fly fishing. The parks diverse landscape and scenery make for a perfect setting for memorable meanderings.